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Happy Bobby Valentine’s Day!

Happy Bobby Valentine’s Day!

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“It’s not an athletic stance that he has.”

Bobby Valentine, understating the case with Aaron Rowand.

(Rowand subsequently homered.)

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“Frankly, I just want all of this to over. But, if the Mets are going to take on an investor, OF COURSE I’m hoping Valentine is part of the group they allow in. I am not even sure why. I just like the sound of it. The idea of him pacing in a suite overlooking the activity, his arms folded, a Mets hat on, tapping his lips with his pointer finger, staring down the field, is hilariously intriguing to me.”

Matt Cerrone, MetsBlog - Bobby Valentine group among names of possible investors in Mets (via sportsnetny)

I’m personally hoping for Bobby to piss off the other investors, get banned from their meetings, and sneak back in wearing a disguise.

(via oldtimefamilybaseball)