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Warriors finish insane season insanely

The Warriors had a totally crazy season full of injuries, bizarre strategy, and zero defense - so why should the finale have been any different?  They went into the last game against Portland with only six healthy players - and Chris Hunter injured his knee after five minutes. So Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Anthony Tolliver, and Reggie Williams each logged 48 minutes - and Devean George played 42, including the last four after picking up his sixth foul with five minutes left.

After George seemingly fouled out, the officials made Don Nelson put the gimpy Hunter back in the game, though the extended argument let the Warriors grab some precious rest. Hunter limped around for a minute, somehow logging a blocked shot in the process, before Nelson called timeout and sent him to the locker room. He then inserted the injured Ronny Turiaf into the game, only to have him foul immediately. Anthony Morrow was sent in next, Monta Ellis fouled, and Morrow went to the locker room seconds later. Finally, with only four Warriors left on the court, the refs assessed a technical, and George was allowed to come back in.

We didn’t get to find out what would happen if George committed a seventh foul, because Stephen Curry went on a personal 11-4 run to ice the game. He also grabbed two of his nine rebounds in that stretch, finishing with a 42-9-8 line. Final score: Warriors 122, Blazers 116.

The team’s reward? A 5% reduction in their lottery odds - but a priceless video for their kids. The 2009-10 Warriors may not have had health, interior defense, rebounding ability, or coherent game plans every night, but they did have some serious, serious heart.